Thursday, March 22

Hello Everyone!

What a week it has been since I've last written. I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday. It was sooo fun and there were soooo many people! I hadn't realized how big an event this parade is until I came to Rochester. There were tens of thousands of people there! Everyone is so cheerful and in such a great mood, it was such a good time. And such nice weather! It was such a great day weatherwise and really has been for the past couple weeks. I cannot believe we are having 80 degree weather in March. Everyone on campus has been outside doing homework, playing frisbee, running, walking, and a bunch of other stuff. It really makes being at school so much more enjoyable when it is nice out. Something about seeing the sun and the bright colors start to bloom puts a smile on everyone's face.

I am starting to get really into working on my end of the semester projects and papers. Starting them is a sort of relief as me starting them means I am that much closer to the end of the semester and summer! I can't believe how fast this semester is flying by. When adults told me before I went to college that the time would fly, I didn't believe them, but I do now. It's so weird to think that in just two more years I will have my bachelors in political science and legal studies and will be on my way to law school. I suppose I am just that much closer to my dreams :)

Anyways, not much else to report this week. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather!

Until next time....

*Kate :)

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