Wednesday, March 14

I cannot believe spring break is over! We are on the home stretch now & there are only six more weeks of classes!!!!!! Spring break was great but I missed Fisher a lot, as I always do. These were the top ten things I missed about the good ol' Fish:

1. The Dining Hall- unfortunately at home if you don't like what is on the table you are stuck eating cereal or something gross. Here there is always an option.

2. The Library- I am far more productive in Lavery than at my dining room table.

3. Campus Events- here I am never bored! There is some type of activity or program going on every night. At home there is only TV.

4. Fishbowl- mean there aren't buffalo chicken wraps and milkshakes at home?

5. Fitness Room-because you definitely need to go there after Fishbowl.

6. RSA- I love Resident Student Association and all the people that are involved! I am looking forward to our upcoming programs!

7. Spring Sports- I love going to the baseball, softball, and lacrosse games when the weather is nice.

8. The Weather- it is finally spring in Rochester! It is beautiful here when the weather is nice. This means a lot of reading outside!

9. My Professors and Classmates- I have a ton of fun in my classes, and my classmates make me laugh every single day. I love what I am learning.

10. The Fisher Family- I missed the friendly and smiling faces around campus, and the sense of community we have here.

I am glad to be back!!!


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