Wednesday, March 14

Walking and Talking

Yesterday one of my friends from St. John Fisher and I decided to take a walk in the summer weather that decided to show up in March. St. John Fisher College is conveniently located in the middle of everything, well at least a short drive away. However, we decided to try out walking to some of the really interesting parts of Pittsford, instead of driving. We walked to the Erie Canal first off, and along the way we ran into some friendly neighbors and some cute kids playing in their front yards. It was just a pleasant time, and this is definitely starting to sound like a children bed time story but in all honesty it was just such a relaxing experience. When we got to the Erie Canal, there is a gourmet cupcake shop that could win on the show Cupcake Wars no problem. Of course, we couldn’t resist since we just burned enough calories for each of us to eat two cupcakes. Then, we walked to the water front area, where there is a beautiful canal-side path that everyone was riding bikes on, running, and walking their adorable fluffy dogs on. Leaving St. John Fisher and going out into the community does not necessarily ever mean leaving the great people that are both inside and outside of the College. If St. John Fisher is not enough of a great, friendly atmosphere for you, then all you have to do is walk a step off campus to meet more welcoming, kind folks. St. John Fisher is something that everyone is proud to have in their community, so I feel as though it is my responsibility to be happy and thankful that St. John Fisher is in such a great community.

Until next time…Later!


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