Tuesday, April 17


Another GREAT weekend! Three of my friends and I from the program went to Edinburgh, Scotland!!! It was relaxing because it was more low-key than Spain! We flew, so we got into Edinburgh super early on Friday and then did not fly out until Sunday around 11pm…so we had a ton of time to fit everything in! When we got there we checked into our hostel, which is basically a hotel but for younger people who are travelling, and they tend to be much cheaper for students! It was a sweet hostel because they had a cinema room, a huge gaming room, and it was awesomely decorated with paintings and art. After we settled in, we went to explore the city! We went to the National Museum of Scotland and the National Portrait Gallery. We also went to the Illusions Museum, which is well-known in Edinburgh, it was AWESOME! We felt like little kids again, playing with all the different illusions and being easily fascinated. I think we stayed in there for a good 3 hours!! Then we explored the Royal Mile, which is the main street in Edinburgh. All the people were super friendly and we stopped and watched a few bagpipers play! After that we climbed up the extinct volcano which has a castle on it! It was so pretty! Then we did some souvenir shopping!! The best part of the day was doing the Double Dead Tour, which was at night! The tour took us to the haunted underground tunnels that were used in the old city for people, and then we went to the oldest and most haunted graveyard in Edinburgh. IT WAS SO CRAZY! I can’t tell you how many times we screamed!!

The next day we got up early and hiked up Arthur’s Seat. It is a huge mountain that used to be an old volcano! IT WAS HUGE, and we felt so out of shape because we had to stop so many times to catch our breath! Needless to say, we felt so accomplished by the time we made it all the way to the top! It was a beautiful view, so we took lots of pictures and hung out at the top for a little while. We also bought Subway and had a nice little picnic; it was much needed because we needed energy for the way back down! (Which was almost harder because we had to control our momentum from rolling down the hill!) We definitely got our workout for the day!! After that we just strolled around town for a while to explore more before we had to leave! Unfortunately, I broke my goal of trying the local food from each country because I could not muster up enough guts to eat Haggis and Black Pudding…if you don’t know what they are, DO NOT look it up, it will gross you out!!! I stuck with the pub food!

I hope y'all had a great weekend!


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