Thursday, April 12


Happy belated Easter! I hope everyone has a special holiday with their family! Unfortunately I did not get to spend it with my family but I did get to go to Barcelona, Spain for the holiday!!! Don’t worry I called my family on Easter to say hello and that I missed them so much! But Spain was GORGEOUS! Since we did not have classes the Monday after Easter I got to spend 4 whole days in Spain with my friends! (Left Thursday and returned on Monday) We went in a group of 10 of us and had a blast. We stayed in a hostel in Badal, and it was very nice! Everyone in Barcelona was very friendly and people were very patient with us when we were trying to speak Spanish. However, in Barcelona they speak Catalan, which is a bit different from Spanish but most people still understood us! Most of the time we spoke in “spanglish” but it was still pretty cool to have mini-conversations with people.

We did a lot of walking around the city. We went on a free walking tour that gave us so much history about the city and took us around a bunch of cool/pretty places!! It was also super sunny out which made all the walking so much better! We also took the bus all over the city and would just hop off at various places to take pictures and explore. I think that is the best way to learn a city because it’s fun! We had typical Spanish food: tapas and paella! I tried so many different tapas, they were so delicious. But it is so weird to eat around 9 or 10pm! The paella was different from what I expected, not a huge fan of that, mostly because I didn’t like how all the seafood still had eyes!! It kind of freaked me out!!

The best part of the trip was the BEACH! We spent the whole day there for one of the days, and I never wanted to leave! It was so hot and sunny and we just hung out all day. Played card games, got some noodles to eat on the beach, and took lots of pictures. We also played beach volleyball with some random friends we made! I was so bad, but it was still fun! Needless to say, all of us got burned that day! Oh well! Spain was AWESOME, and I totally want to go back someday in the future!!!



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