Thursday, April 12

Hello everyone!

Only a week more of classes and then finals and then we are home free here at Fisher! I am soo excited to go home for the summer and work and hang out with my friends from home. I'll miss Fisher of course and all my friends here but I can always visit them over the summer. I just love my 4 month summers at home. It gives you such a nice break from school work so that you can come back refreshed in the fall.

Its getting busy right now as far as school work because we are nearing the end. I did pretty well this year in planning things out so I am not overwhelmed with the end of the year projects, papers, and exams. I definitely recommend to incoming students to plan your assignments out as soon as you get your syllabus at the beginning of the semester. It will make your entire semester easier and less stressful. I am glad I did a good job of that this semester. I suppose that's a large part of college is learning to manage your time better. It's a good transition from high school into adult life. It's hard to believe I am almost half way done with my undergraduate education! It's crazy!

Well, I hope you all have a good week!

Until next time...

*Kate :)

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