Thursday, April 19

Iron Chef …St. John Fisher College style!

A few days ago a friend of mine and I went to the Campus Center Mainstage area to witness the third annual Iron Chef sponsored by Lackmann, the food provider on campus. It was set up as if it were the real thing, just like I was watching the Food Network live. This event was special because the prize money went to the charity of the contestant’s choice. The charities that each team represented included JASY, the trip to Jamaica that students from Fisher take to put on a sports camp for children in the Kingston area, a pre-school located in the Rochester area, and Mary’s Place, an organization that works with refugees in Rochester. The main dish that they had to cook up for the judges and for the audience was pizza. My favorite was definitely the feta cheese, green pesto-looking white pizza that team JASY had prepared for all of us to try out, but some of the other concoctions were a barbecue pizza, another white pizza with a cheesy crust, and I believe the last pizza was a variant of the regular peperoni and cheese pizza. All were delicious, but as the judges on the show would say it had better texture and mixture of ingredients with the right amount of sauce and herbs (at least that’s what I think they would say). I should probably be a judge on a show like the Iron Chef, because it ended up that team JASY actually won the competition and took the title. I am really glad that Lackmann put on an entertaining event such as this, and then gave away prize money to a team for the charity. It shows that all parts of the Fisher community are giving back to the students and to the community together as a sort of partnership.

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