Monday, April 23


So this blog will be all about my weekend adventure trip in WALES!!!! I can't even tell you how AWESOME this past weekend was, literally it was probably one of the most fun experiences since I have been here! The only bad part was the LONG train ride to get there, but once we got there this 'adventure company' basically took care of us for the whole weekend! They picked us up from the train station and took us to this lodge in the middle of nowhere! Closest place to us was a little town a mile away, the beach was a mile away in the other direction. WE WERE IN THE COUNTRY. And it was mostly just our AIFS people (study abroad students) who stayed at the lodge, so it was a huge group bonding experience! THEY GAVE US BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER each day, and it was d e l i c i o u s!!! BEST FOOD I HAVE HAD!

They broke us up into groups based on the first letter of our names and we had an awesome group!!!! "Team Extreme" as we liked to call ourselves :) The first activity we did was SEA KAYAKING, it was so much more fun than on the lake because there were HUGE WAVES a bunch of people capsized (which means flipped over and out of their kayak) but I held my balance! We explored caves and went through really small spaces. It was awesome. Then we went COASTERING which is cliff jumping combined with a TON of legit rock climbing (no we didn't have a harness for that..) and a ton of swimming. We also swam through caves during this activity too! This activity was SO HARD, I felt so un-athletic, and it's SO HARD to swim in a wetsuit and a lifevest and a helmet, we all looked like fools! The highest cliff we jumped off of was 27 feet.....and when you are in the air you constantly think that you are supposed to be hitting the water ASAP but it doesn't come! Then you freak out because you feel like you should be in the water by now, then you hit the water!! And it was freezzzinngggg so our faces were really cold but that’s the only part of our body that was really exposed, which was LIFESAVING because the water was way too cold to swim in without protection, I can honestly say that that is one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life!!! Needless to say I was SO sore after that, because rock climbing in HIGH TIDE with huge waves crashing against you is not an easy task, my legs kept slipping from the rocks. That night after everyone got back we had a bonfire!!! IT WAS AWESOME!! Then the next morning we woke up and did an 8 mile coastal hike! It was beautiful; we took lots of pretty pics! The only thing that stinks is that we couldn't take pictures of us actually doing the SWEET activities because they were in the water :(

We got back to London around 9pm on Sunday and all of us passed right out because of the exhausting weekend! But I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Did any of you guys do anything EXTREME this weekend!!!



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