Wednesday, April 4

Self-defense Class

Well, my newest experience at Fisher happened at an event run by my R.A. this week, and it was a lesson on self-defense. Of course this is important to know anyone of all ages at all times, because being prepared to defend yourself is one of those things that you never know how handy it can be one day. If I were on one of those crime shows on TV where I am the victim, I really wish that I would have been able to attend the self-defense class at St. John Fisher College. I am just saying! Anyway, the class was comprised of males and females, and then there were two instructors. Well, first it started off with a session for taking notes on technique and rules of thumb, and for the most part he focused on how to use what you already have on your body and strength to fight back. There are cool little tricks like opening up your hand while your arm is extended that makes it much harder for an attacker to bend that arm in. Would I ever have known that if Fisher didn’t offer me the chance to find that out…probably not. The next part of the lesson was finding a partner and practicing technique on them. You know what they work! Using a proper stance and finding balance are simple rules that made it easier even in this practice session. When it came time to practice on the instructor, those tips they gave to us not only helped in the escape process, but I think it made them think twice about ever attacking us again. They were both very realistic and very sensible in the fact that they gave us information that we could master in a small amount of time and information that was relevant in any situation that could really happen to us.

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