Tuesday, October 9

I can’t believe it is senior year for me already. Where the heck did 4 years of college go! Let me tell you that it goes by wayyyy too fast….so enjoy every single second of it!! This is my first semester back at Fisher after studying abroad in London for the semester. It is good to be back and see all my friends and professors again! This semester I am taking Operations Management, International Marketing, Non-profit Business Management and Marriage and Sexuality. So far I enjoy all of my classes! I think they are all pretty interesting because they are all different. I love taking International Marketing because I can relate to other cultures and norms now! Many of the students in my class have also studied abroad and my teacher is from Romania so we have excellent group discussions! Class always goes by super fast! I am glad to be taking Non-profit Business Management as well because I really do not know much about the non-profit sector and I think it’s important to be aware of especially for potential future careers paths!

Besides being super busy with classes I also hold two important leadership positions that I love! This year I am part of the Admissions Core Team for the Student Ambassadors. This simply means that I help lead the new and existing Student Ambassadors. My title is actually the Director of Hiring, Training, Recruiting, and Overnights Coordinator. This opportunity has given me more responsibility within the Admissions Department and I love it because every day is completely different than the last! The other leadership role that I hold is being the Beta Gamma Sigma Student Liaison. The Beta Gamma Sigma chapter is an International Business Honor Society here on campus. My main goal right now is to get the chapter more recognized on campus! I am very excited about both of these opportunities because they provide me with amazing experiences and certainly keep me busy!


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