Monday, November 19

Wait in line? I don’t think so.

Commuter Council, one of the four big clubs on campus came to the rescue last Thursday when they offered cheap tickets to the premiere of the last of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2! Days leading up to the premiere of course included watching all of the movies that came out prior to this finale, discussing the book version of the movie, and picking up my movie ticket! For someone that loves this series as much as I do and some of my friends it is nice to know that St. John Fisher College and Commuter Council found a way to support the college students that feel the same way. Especially with projects, papers, and exams all piling up it is nice to take advantage of opportunities like these that do not leave a hole in my pocket but do also allow for some stress relief. Getting together with friends that share common interests is what college is all about, and this time in particular allowed for me to hang out with people that I had met freshman year but hadn’t seen much since. St. John Fisher College and the clubs and organizations that are on campus support and keep students active outside of the classroom as well, so that everyone has the ability to get the full experience of college, new friends, and finding out how to connect with those people that you have common interests with. With cheap tickets already in my hand there was no waiting in line, and my friends and I got some of the best seats in the house! Thank you!


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